Answers to Frequently Asked Qustions

When should I arrive for class?

If it is your first time taking class at DC Dance Collective, you should arrive between 10 and 15 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin as there you will need to register. Registration can also be done over the phone before you arrive. Also, you ought to give yourself time to change your clothes or shoes if your class requires special attire. Always check in at the front desk before your class begins. If you are taking more than one class, sign in for all of them before your first class.

Where are you located?

We are located at 4908 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20016, which is approximately 4 blocks south of Mazza Gallarie which is on the border of Northwest DC and Maryland. Get Directions on our contact page.

What should I wear?

Please wear clothing that is appropriate to your class. Instructors will give specific instructions for class attire as well as for shoes. In general, wear clothing that is NOT baggy, as it is important for teachers to be able to see body alignment. No blue jeans. If you have long hair, please keep it tied back. There are discount coupons for local dance supply stores available at the studio.

What classes can I take with my multi-class card?

Students who purchased an 1-hour Adult/Teen (A/T) card may use that card for any hour long Drop-In/Enrollment (D/E) class, as well as for the hour and a half Jazz Fusion Specialty Class (SC). Students who purchased an 11/2-hour Adult/Teen (A/T) card may also use that card for hour long classes. Class cards may not be used for the Argentine Tango or Karate classes. All classes must be taken before the end of the term that the card was bought in.

What if I missed a class?

Students enrolled in our Child/Teen classes should check with their instructors if they are unable to attend a class. They should make classes up as quickly as possible. Since Adult/Teen cards are not tied to any specific class, Adult/Teen students can make up at virtually any time and in any class. All make up classes must be taken before the end of the term.

What if a class is cancelled?

In the event that a teacher is unable to teach their class, we will do everything possible to contact students who are enrolled. Please make sure that we have a phone number or email where you can be reached during the day. Whenever possible, a substitute teacher will be available to teach class.

In the case of inclement weather, please call the studio. Our general policy is close if the DC Public Schools close. Always make sure to attend a class based on your own personal comfort and safety. A message will be on the studio voicemail prior to class. You may also check the status of the studio on this site. Closing information will be posted prominently on the front page.

May I come to just watch a class?

Please check with instructors for their preference. Observation days may be set up by individual instructors for their classes. Classes in the lower level studio may be watched through the window in the main office. (Classes are placed in studios based on the size of the class, the age of the students, sound factor, equipment needs, etc. Whenever possible, teachers will rotate classes so parents and friends can watch through the window.)

Are students expected to perform in recitals?

Students enrolled in Child/Teen classes will have an opportunity to perform at the Spring Student Concert at the end of the Spring Term. Instructors may provide information about other additional performing opportunities for both Adult/Teen and Child/Teen students.